With a strong belief that specialty coffee should be taken seriously, that the wait should be as short as possible. From the farm to your cup it’s important to us that the process is as ethical & as sustainable as possible

Food is essential to life. Quality, fresh ingredients work into our philosophy that it is possible to indulge in a perfectly delectable yet nourishing way. Keeping our dishes lighter with a handcrafted, seasonal approach with dashes of luxury from lush ingredients and care to emphasize natural flavors.

Our Story

With Connection being a major part of what we wanted to achieve from taking over and updating ‘Lakeview’  to a true community hub, a place where locals and tourists alike can escape to.

Take a dilapidated corner store, wandering ducks, a lake & a park plus two very crazy hospo kids. We saw the potential to activate the area once more and set out on a hospitality adventure.

Neighbours who hadn’t said more than a semi ‘hi’ to each other over a fence have bumped shoulders on our doorstep, sat with coffee and for the first time truly connected with each other and solid friendships have blossomed. We invite sharing of ideas, time, stories. Firm connections that solidify with great coffee and nourishing food.